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ClickBank University Review

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clickbank university review
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Clickbank University Review Update:

This product is no longer available!

For any aspiring online marketers, Clickbank’s recently launched Clickbank University program is well worth investing in, that’s why this Clickbank university review I wrote. So I’m pleased to spread the word to all of my developing bloggers who wish to increase their online income. ClickBank is one of the biggest online markets for digital goods. Over 300 million products have been sold, and more than $2.5 billion has been distributed to affiliates and merchants. A vendor is a company that creates products and sells them online. An affiliate works like a salesperson to market and advertises other people’s goods in exchange for a commission per transaction.

Clickbank University Review At A Glance

Marketers can use the ClickBank university platform to build digital items that they may sell online. The platform lets you publish eBooks, training videos, and online courses. A significant advantage is that ClickBank University doesn’t restrict the type of digital products you can make. The ClickBank University will allow you to develop a digital product and sell it online, regardless of your interests in fashion, pet training, cuisine, home d├ęcor, vehicles, working out, interior designs, relationships, health, and lifestyle, or cracking jokes.

This platform aims to create and market internet enterprises based on specialized interests, pastimes, and talents. The product developed using ClickBank may fetch a hefty price when sold online. It is an excellent idea, but most prospective customers want to know how to get started and whether ClickBank University is a legitimate possibility. ClickBank University may teach you how to make and market your digital products. The three founders will show you how to promote ClickBank products through affiliate marketing, one of the most lucrative internet businesses. This product was developed using years of experience to assist people in understanding the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and generating income from it.


  • It’s fantastic for beginners because it will walk you through everything from scratch, whether selling digital products or new to affiliate marketing.
  • Most people can afford $47 per month, and you can stop paying it once you’ve completed the instruction.
  • Extensive vendor and affiliate marketing training will provide you with all the necessary information.
  • They offer regular, live webinars where you can get assistance from other users.


  • The cost of the website builder is absurdly high.
  • They don’t discuss rivals or alternative affiliate markets in their Clickbank-only affiliate training.
  • They overcharge you for the advanced course by charging you a hefty $97.
  • Even free traffic is not covered in training for traffic production.
  • It might be said that the training is insufficient in that sense because it only covers two strategies when it comes to sponsored traffic.

Who is Clickbank University for?

If you’re seeking a marketing degree to help you land a job at a marketing agency, Clickbank University is not the place for you. However, CB University can assist you in learning valuable skills if you’re seeking a way to start an online business and make money. If you already have experience in making online money, CB University is also not for you.

The CB University courses are intended to take beginners from not knowing how to earn money online to have a part-time or full-time income. You can have a passive income by promoting or selling digital products. Of course, you can learn new tactics and strategies to help your online business. Although CB University is far from flawless, it is a solid option if you’re searching for beginner-level training to start selling digital goods or affiliate marketing.

Clickbank University Pricing

ClickBank University is promoted as a recurring payment of just $47 per month on their sales page. Access to an 8-Week Affiliate video training and a 12-Week Vendor video training is made available through this payment. ClickBank University misleads you into thinking that the monthly fee will only be $47 on the sales page. However, there are a few upsells when you enter (specifically ClickBank Builder). In actuality, $250 is about what CBU would cost you monthly if you added up everything you would have to pay for. It is because you will eventually have to pay for additional necessities like:

  • The ClickBank Builder (part of the primary training costs $594+).
  • Aweber for email marketing (costs $19 per month) is one of the items you want to promote your domain
  • Paid traffic Extra resources
  • Additionally, there is an optional fee for outsourcing material (around $20 per article page).

Is Clickbank University Worth It?

Definitely! The new ClickBank University 2.0 is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Although the original CBU was also a great value, they went above with this one. For just $47 each month, you’ll be paying for access and information that are easily worth $5,000. There are many things to anticipate, but here are some favorites:

  • You can successfully design your digital product and make money from it with the help of Publisher Track.
  • Thanks to Affiliate Track, you may sell and make money online without manufacturing a product.
  • Using the on-the-go, bite-sized material from ClickBank Toolkit, you may boost your selling skills.
  • Every week, there is a live Q&A session where you can ask anything.

ClickBank University 2.0 is a fantastic investment that offers lots of benefits. This training program compares favorably to others that provide lots of value because there is always something new to anticipate each week.

Conclusion Of The Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University 2.0 provides a top-notch training curriculum. For someone who finds Q&A appealing and appreciates every aspect of the training, including watching the complete course, learning from others’ experiences, acknowledging expert perspectives through webinars, etc. You’ll receive your money’s worth if you create your product. On the other hand, if you skim the content, don’t put up the extra effort, expect positive results, or are trying to hone your affiliate marketing skills, you won’t get your money’s worth.

The main question isn’t even whether you should enroll in the Clickbank University program. Maybe you should reconsider if affiliate marketing is proper for you. If you’re sick of working a 9 to 5 job and your ideal life involves sleeping a lot and not worrying much, you might want to seek elsewhere. The business model of affiliate marketing is facing increasingly intense competition. To distinguish yourself from the other sharks, you must put in a lot of effort, time, and money. And it’s not always successful. Lead generation with advertisements enables you to part ways with your employer, knowing that you will continue to make a reliable passive income.


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